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sleeping in a draft

So there I am - sweating, nervous, rocking back and forth in my chair like an idiot, trying to stay focused on the person I am talking to when all i can think is I might die if I don’t go to the bathroom soon. So I stay, locked in a really long discussion with someone I really want to be friends with. I can’t leave because the friendship we may have hinges on this one conversation. So I sway back and forth, crossing and uncrossing my legs - trying to pass this off as my usual behavior. I like to think that the person talking to me is usually pretty oblivious to my plight. Even I sometimes forget how bad it is. Until I break into a cold sweat and clammy hands. Ad my eyes start going in and out of focus. Our conversation awkwardly winds down when the person I am talking to can tell I am no longer paying attention and that something is very wrong with me.  I mumble something and run to the nearest restroom.

This is probably not the best way to make friends.

Sleeping in a Draft Tonight may mean a COLD Tomorrow!

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