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I was married.


Yeah. For four years.

Are you kidding?

No. We actually made it five years. . . through some pretty rough times. The last one is merely a technicality.

What? I can’t tell if you’re joking.

.            .            .            .

The problem with living on adrenaline for your entire life is that when you are finally free of the intense highs and lows you don’t know how to move forward. Life itself is too quiet. So you start scurrying sideways, like a crab. Hiding under rocks until you are discovered by children, thrown into a bucket and deposited some five hundred feet down the beach to find your way home. Or make a new home.

.            .            .            .

Day is my married name. My stage name. Because I married so young, hardly anyone knows me from before. When I was Lenae Morley. With close friends I am simply “Day.” Sometimes I find myself wondering exactly who it is they’re talking to.


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