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January 2014

Press Release:

Mark Moore Gallery proudly presents “Prescott Pictures,” an inaugural solo exhibition by interdisciplinary artist and winner of 5790projects grant and exhibition prize, Lenae Day. Bringing together creative writing, costume design, photography, performance, and museum studies, Day relates the intricate hagiography of the titular fictitious film studio and its founding family.

Through the development of comprehensive visual, written, and performative personae and story lines, Day archives and inhabits the professional and personal sagas of the Prescotts. This faux archive - which takes form in Day’s elaborate multiplayer performances and photographic staging - is reminiscent of the conceptual dramaturgy behind the work of Cindy Sherman and Eleanor Antin. The Prescott history is presented through the familiar, albeit peculiar, subjectivity of the film enthusiast. In the well-researched and reverent mode of the movie lover, Day crafts the “Prescott Pictures” annals to culminate in an immersive Hollywood Museum experience teeming with intricately crafted ephemera—such as headshots, magazine covers, advertisements, movie posters, hand-sewn costumes, and props. Spanning the rise and fall of Classical Hollywood, Day’s “Prescott Pictures” both reflects and intervenes in the manifold histories and myths related to studio and celebrity constructs. In developing the relationships and tensions between her characters, Day projects exaggerated caricatures of the figures we most revere, admonish, and disregard as we shape our collective pop-cultural narrative.

Lenae Day (b. 1986 in Berlin, Germany) is a Los Angeles based performance artist with solo shows at Mark Moore Gallery and Disjecta Contemporary. Her work takes the form of fabricated archives, utilizing commercial media forms to create and document conceptual universes. Her publications: DAY Magazine, Modern Candor and DAY Weekly are available in art book stores around the world. She was recently named “One of Eight L.A. Artists You Should Know” by Fabrik Magazine, and her work with Prescott Pictures received favorable reviews from L.A.Weekly, Artscene Cal, Portland Mercury, and Hyperallergic. Her upcoming show at audio gallery 323 Projects “K.L.A.M. Radio 109.5,” opens May 25, 2015 and will be released as a weekly podcast and website and features the voices of many well-known actors, comedians, radio personalities and performance artists as part of a fictional California desert town.


Helloooo there, I’m Phyllis McGillicuddy. President and Resident Historian of the Prescott Pictures Society. That wonderful film studio run by the Prescott Sisters, Norma and Priscilla, spanning from the blockbusters of the silent era to the straight to video flops of the 1980s. Prescott Pictures produced some of the finest film confections the world has ever seen!

Like 1930’s Salome, a decadent romp through the Holy Land, for sure. Another favorite is 1928’s Hot Tomatoes, a jazz-age romp through the world of prohibition and bad behaviors Old Phyllis has engaged in a few bad behaviors back in my modeling days! Another one I like is 1965’s Cormorant’s Crossing, starring Priscilla’s daughter Victoria - the sexiest woman in the world, and her boozy husband Lester Day in an oceanside romp about a bohemian and her boozed up husband. And, of course, they produced that fine Priscilla Prescott vehicle for television, Gossip Garden, a romp through Valerie Blythedale’s lovely garden, from which, she witnesses all kinds of murders and intrigues and she either blackmails them or solves the crime. Either way, a true gem of the small screen!

I’m here to tell you about our recent re-issue of the 1989 edition of Day Weekly magazine, which tells the tale of Priscilla’s looong life in film. A story full of scandal, abuse, tragedy and passion! Written by the ever eloquent Darby Darling. Find out which of Priscilla’s five husbands owned a soda factory! And find out how she masterminded the scandal that rocked Hollywood to it’s core - when her layabout husband Lester Day left her for her daughter Victoria Prescott and won her first and only Oscar for their film together, “Little White Lies,” after an outpouring of public sympathy and support! You can get your grubby hands on a copy of DAY Weekly at Printed Matters online! Also, make sure to tune into my radio programme “Video Journeys” on KLAM Radio in San Ranchito!

Ba bye! And, remember, have a nice day!

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Gallery from the Prescott Pictures Society Archives Coming Soon!!

Phyllis and her granddaughter Lenae on vacation last Spring in HOLLYWOOD!!!

Please purchase the re-issue of DAY Weekly Magazine from 1989 at Printed Matters or here

In the Mean Time, Please enjoy these fine film clips from our Archives: